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Source: DVD
Episodes: 47/47 + Specials
Video: H264, 720×480 (16:9)
Audio: AC3 2.0, Japanese
Subtitles: English


Posted on 20/12/2011, in Release. Bookmark the permalink. 16 Comments.

  1. Someone can help me? I need a seeder to complete Vol 1 (01-23).

  2. littleredthread

    What source is this? Is it the Japanese DVDs or Viz’s DVDs?

  3. I’m really sorry I don’t want to look like I’m being too insistent, I’m almost done downloading the two volumes but it’s been almost four days that I’m stuck again now. Could it be possible to seed please ?

  4. please seed vol 1 it’s been two days I’m stuck at 3,6%.

  5. Please is it possible to seed on the torrents ?

  6. please seed vol2

  7. please seed, i need to complet the download ^^

  8. Demonis Angel

    Please, seed. I need 16mb.

  9. YukariSekai

    Seeds, please return to the hand. Give the download …

  10. or give ddl please

  11. Please seed this!

  12. Probably not. I’ve already planned my future projects.

  13. Hello. I reinstall k-lite codek pack and redownload file . Final It’s works . Thanx . Can you tell me if there are any chances for the appearance of these series on the blog [titles are below] ^^

  14. I don’t know why. Tell me more or install/reinstall CCCP.

  15. Hello I have big problem witch your release . When I download first episode of Nana series i cant play file .Can you tell me why. I tried 3 times to download the file and is the same error. [With Durrara series I have a similar problem] I have further questions can encode this series please: Busou Renkin , Hungry Heart: Wild Striker, Slayers , Slayers Next , Slayers Try , Tenjou Tenge , xxxHOLiC Kei. Thanx

  16. Hope, you’ll continue with this one 🙂 Also thanks for Mononoke and Ayakashi.

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