Dragon Ball Z – The Movies

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Source: DVD
Episodes: 13/13
Video: H264, 720×480 (16:9)
Audio: AC3 2.0, Japanese
Subtitles: English


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  1. Christian Martinez

    Please Seed!!!

  2. Thx for the answer

  3. Japanese Dragon Box: The Movies set contains far better audio for the movies than any other release.

  4. Best Post Ever !!! Thank you !
    Just one question : I’m french, I got the french version of the pack of movies, and compared it to your release, and I was very surprised by the difference of quality mostly about audio, yours is so much better, and so I was asking myself if you had used restoration filters or anything else to improve audio and video, or if it was just that french version is crap !
    Whatever, thank you very much.

  5. Thanks.

  6. Dragon Baller

    I Thought Of This Like This :
    If the blu-rays were good ,so the japanese pople will have released them in their country,
    but in japan there is no blu-ray for any dragon ball release
    that means that toei understands what you were talking
    we were talkling about movies.lets change to the series,there was some releases from funimation called dragon ball levels, and the screen ive seen was far better than the original dragon ball but the audio was mono TruHd., the company remastered dragon ball not digitally,but frame by frame,but after 4 releases.the company delayed it because this process was very expensive
    Note:i have searched the net and havent found screenshots comparison for the movies of bluray or dragon box,so if someone have a movie of bluray and downloaded Shujin-senpai release,can send us some screenshots.thanks

  7. You can find screenshots yourself. The Blu-Rays, whilst sporting a better resolution also feature heavy use of DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) this means that overall you get a softer image and lack of grain that destroys the original aesthetics of the show.

    Colour-wise, everything is far too dark and the contrast is too high meaning you end up with a loss of detail in some darker scenes along with inaccurate colours compared to the original scans.

    So – whether you’d prefer some sharper lines over an accurate representation of the film is up to you. I think the choice is clear.

    Now let’s talk AUDIO. That’s the biggest difference – the Blu-Rays released do not use the original audio and instead use bad quality optical tracks that are muffled and lack any dynamic range. The Japanese releases feature MUCH higher quality audio so it’s an obvious choice there.

  8. Dragon Baller

    Can Any One Provide Us a Comparison Between Japanese Dragon Box Movies And Blu-ray
    it doesnt make sense how DVD is More Good Than Blu-ray
    HD is better than SD
    Someone Send Some Screenshots Comparison
    Please Answer Shujin-senpai

  9. Can anyone re-seed this batch? It’s not moving at all and I’ve been on it for over a week. Many thanks in advance. I promise I will seed it for the longest time possible after I get it down.

    Many thanks to those involved in encoding and making it available. Hands down some of the best versions of the Dragon Ball franchise on the internet!

  10. OtakuHeretic

    I know I keep repeating myself, but Dragon Boxes?

  11. Seed please. 🙂

  12. Rockmanazul

    You’re the creators, right? then give us seeds or not like? Please im stuck in 98,4%, PLEASEE!!!

  13. Rockmanazul

    Seed, Please!!!

  14. Seed please 🙂 Download speed is almost 0 kb/s 😦

  15. BD looks terribly.

  16. Why not the bluray version? 😀

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