Dragon Ball

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Source: DVD
Episodes: 153/153 + Specials
Video: H264, 720×480 (4:3)
Audio: AC3 2.0, Japanese
Subtitles: English


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  1. are the specials 1-2 subbed?

  2. Hello guys, can you help seed the nyaa torrent?

  3. Is there any way you could upload all the subs in a separate file?

  4. are these R2J dragon boxes or R2J individual discs?

  5. Man what a great rip


  6. Can I get a seed please?

  7. Hey there, I’m loving what I’ve seen of this encode so far, but it seems like almost nobody is seeding the torrents (at least it’s been inconsistent for episodes 01-24).
    Are there any direct downloads hosted anywhere, or perhaps an IRC bot for XDCC?
    I haven’t yet been able to find a packlist for the latter if there is one.

  8. I don’t like the encode, looks like watercolor… http://i.imgur.com/HfU4Kdt.jpg

  9. All the effort you have put into all these rips and torrents is very appreciated. You are great. But, the torrents seem to be dead after Nyaa was attacked and is now apperently down again. Is there somewhere else these are hosted or can you seed them again somewhere else or something??? I would love to be able to get these rips. Anything we can do to help? Thank you so much.

  10. Thx for the post
    Could you show a cover of the original box please
    Thx again

  11. It’s just great!
    the original colors! the “up next” in the end of every episode

    you naild it, best release of dragon ball ever!
    it’s better than any official western release!

  12. I was initially taken aback by the file sizes but they certainly make sense. I see a lot of comments complaining about it and to those people – the DBNL rip is out there if you want horribly degraded audio and grainless, washed out images.

    This rip is unbelievably good and the only way to truly experience the fantastic quality of the Japanese Dragon Boxes. I just imported the Dragon Box: The Movies set for £150 from Japan only to find them on here in excellent quality. Almost made me regret my purchase!

    Huge props to what you do, don’t let the people bully you into lowering your quality just because they don’t understand how bitrate works. Your dark scenes look absolutely flawless.

    Can’t wait to see how the rest of Dragon Ball Z turns out. I’m still a little thrown off by aspect ratio of those but I have yet to download them so I’m just going by screenshots. I understand you keep saying they’re anamorphic but that implies, by definition, squeezing widescreen into 4:3 with the ability for widescreen TVs to crop the top and bottoms for a perfect fit whilst allowing 4:3 TVs to have bars on the top and bottom. Those screenshots aren’t 16:9 nor do they have any black bars so I don’t really understand what you mean by that.

    Anyway, good job on what you’re doing. Can’t wait for more.


  13. OtakuHeretic

    Could you please seed? My 25-48 torrent is stuck at 94.0%… 😦

  14. Grat! Thanks shujin

  15. First batch probably next week.

  16. you do with dragon ball z? forgive my English I do not speak English :p

  17. OtakuHeretic

    Awesome encode! By the way, are these ripped from the japanese Dragon Boxes?

  18. Seeding required please!

  19. Amazing work. Can’t wait for your other projects ^_____^V. This is what I’ve been waiting for many years. Thanks!!!

  20. Shujin really thanks for all.

  21. Are you gonna do the 2 public service shorts of Dragon Ball (the traffic one and the fire one) and the old 2 Ovas of Plan to erradicate the Saiyans?

    I hope the answer is yes, I’ll love to have all DB with this quality.

  22. Excellente news! can’t wait for the DBZ raw’s!

    About Ep 056, to fix the audio remux the mkv file with mkvmerge, in the audio track select: specific options and write -500 in delay.

  23. Dragon Ball Z.

  24. Hi,after Dragon Ball you encode Dragon Ball GT?or Z?

  25. There is nothing to fix. It’s been like this originally. I didn’t do anything to audio track.

  26. Thanks for the new episodes.

    Any chance of a fix for episode 56?

  27. Great! 🙂

  28. when they publish more chapters?

  29. [Utsukushii-Raws] Dragon Ball – 025-048 (DVD 720×480 H264 AC3 2.0 Chap Sub)
    No Seed 😦

  30. The size is good. This is an old anime, it has grain. That’s probably the reason the size is this big. If you reduce the size, you loose the grain. For some maybe that’s a good thing, but the truth is that losing the grain decreases the quality.

  31. The file size is unnecessarily huge, these encodes are pretty much the same size as the raw DVD. What’s the point?

  32. Thanks for the upload! Natreg is correct. Episode 56 is out of sync. Can you please seed Episodes 025-048. It’s been idling for some days now.

  33. Plz more seed for, 25-48 plz

  34. Thanks for the update and can you seed please episodes 1-48?

  35. Great job. I think episode 56 is a bit out of sync.

  36. Dragon Ball Z – The Movies
    Blocked at 82% please seed

  37. Can you seed please episodes 1-24?
    The download stuck in 13.2%.

  38. This is rip from R2J or R1?

  39. I recently downloaded your saint seiya hades raws and in one word your raws are awesome, now i added the all the DBZ releases to utorrent, would be awesome if you encode DBZ series in that amazing quality (maybe with a bit lower crf value), many thanks for your encodes!

  40. plz seed

  41. No, but I have from 072.

  42. Have you subtitles for the next episode previews from episode 31?

  43. Pvt_CatCat

    Thank you very much!! 🙂

  44. Can’t now, but I will.

  45. Pvt_CatCat

    Can you seed please?
    The download stuck in 96.3% and there are no seeds.

  46. Thanks you so much Shujin nice release ^^

  47. Thank you very much! Fantastic job! Will you make the DBZ and the DBGT too?

  48. File sizes are big for dvd-rip but thank you.

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