Dragon Ball Z

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Source: DVD
Episodes: 171/291
Video: H264, 720×480 (4:3)
Audio: AC3 2.0, Japanese
Subtitles: English


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  1. Download Episode link does not work Dragon Ball Z – 073-096

  2. Project is officially dead. Utsukushii says he’s not doing DVD rips anymore.
    Read the latest post on this website and look at the posts on his new website for proof.

  3. Finishing Dragon Ball Z would be good enough.. Who whants GT? I hope Shujin will come back from the deads sooner or later πŸ™‚

  4. Last answer from 08/06/2015. 😦
    Yeah, the project seems to be dead…

  5. Please, don’t leave this project… Finally I found a untouched DVDrip from the R2J… All the DVDrips than I found was without grain and remastered and I hate that… Please, keep going to finish Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT…

  6. Project is surely dead..

  7. When can we expect next part?

  8. thesilentnamekian

    Project seems to be dead, guys 😦
    R.I.P. Utsukushii-Raws DBZ…

  9. poderia subir os links pro mega ta osso pra baixar esse maravilhoso relasse velocidade media 50 kps por torrente ai fica complicado acompalhar

  10. Very nice rips of DB and DBZ thanks a lot πŸ™‚ please please please keep it up

  11. Please finish and release Dragon Ball Z ShuJin this is the best release the series has seen!

  12. thesilentnamekian

    Project isn’t dead hopefully, just Shujin-sama got busy during these months I suppose…
    Looking forward to the next batch of Z!
    May the Dragon be with You πŸ™‚

  13. Is this project still going on and will GT also be done?

  14. When will the next batch be ready? I really can’t wait anymore! Your version is just so fantastic =D

  15. Is there someone like you doing same as this for one piece?

    Do you use 8bit or 10bit?

  16. Also, I wanted to ask. The DVD of the Dragon Ball: Episode of Bradock you did was taken from the Dragon Ball Z: For Kinect game right??

  17. Thanks for all those amazing releases!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Is there any chance you could please do the Bluray version of the Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans OVA from the Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 video game?? It would be really appreciated as this is the only OVA that is missing!!

  18. Thanks Shujin
    Please can you upload all the subs in a separate file?

  19. Take your time πŸ™‚ Those who can’t wait, go buy the Funi Dragon Box, or wait for the best unofficial release ever πŸ˜‰

  20. Project is not dead. Something happened, but I will finish DBZ. Next batch is almost ready.

  21. AConcernedFan

    Has there been a problem? Last comment says “maybe next week” but it’s been considerably longer. Do not wish to criticize your impeccable work, just hope the project isn’t dead.

  22. Hi Shujin!
    Can you upload your raws on MEGA?

    Thanks for all

  23. Maybe next week.

  24. Rafael Gratarolli

    Hello my friend! Can we expect any new batch soon? Thanks!

    Ps: I hope you ever encode Saint Seiya Classic (dvd).

  25. You are a king among men.
    This is, without a doubt, the best encode for Dragon Ball Z (and DB) of the Dragon Boxes.

  26. Of course. And yes, it’s R2.

  27. shijin you are still releasing the episodes of dragon ball z ???
    and one last question these episodes are Region 2 Japanese ???
    now thank you for your attention is thank your wonderful work thank you.

  28. MCMongoose

    When Z is done, will there be… the Grand Tour?

  29. DVD, I think. Besides, BD looks worse.

  30. Looks definitely very complicated. I was trying with a software called Handbrake. It’s preety easy but probably wont achieve best results. Well, if you said that you will perform the Saint Seiya series, i think I’ll wait for yours! Never seen better rips than yours. Its gonna be based on DVD? Because the blurays were ripped (very good) by a group called Kagura.

  31. Hello Shujin. I want to produce same quality dvdrips for Saint Seiya anime. I have the discs. Hows the procedure to produce such quality? Wich software do u use? Thanks.

  32. Can you please reseed Nana? 😦 Thanks

  33. I love the quality of these raws! Keep going and don’t give up πŸ™‚

  34. I’ve been wondering: how come the file sizes are so big?

  35. TheSilentNamekian

    “Kikuchi, but I don’t promise anything.”
    No problem at all, Shujin-sama! First, we are sleeplessly waiting for finishing the most awesome DBZ project ever, made by your.
    By the way, when can we expect the next batch with episodes 172-195? Do not hurry, just asking πŸ™‚
    All the best wishes for your work and health.
    a Hungarian fan.

  36. Kikuchi, but I don’t promise anything.

  37. “Raging Blast 2 no, DBK maybe.”

    Yes! Kai would be awesome!! Kikuchi or Yamamoto BGM?

  38. Any updates my friend?

  39. Come on, guys!! Please seed DBZ 1-147!!!

  40. Dragon Ball Z – 001-024 Please seed!

  41. TheSilentNamekian

    Rafael Chaves: I started re-seeding the last batch, hope that everyone is getting through 89% and will finally have it. Speed is not very fast, sorry for that but it’s still better than zero seed.
    I also hope that everything is fine with the creator of this ‘heavenly pack’, Shujin-sama probably had some issues happened with his seedbox that’s why there is no seed since more than a week. So I’ll try to help people who have troubles with seed.
    All the best wishes, DBZ for life & forever! πŸ™‚

  42. Rafael Chaves

    I’m stuck at 89% on the last pack. Please seed, people!

  43. Would it be possible to upload the subtitle files for the Dragon Ball Dragon box set (not Z) if you have them still, I own the japanese Dragon Box set but i need subtitles. It would be greatly appreciated.

  44. Thank you. Of course I’m planning to.

  45. TheSilentNamekian

    Best release ever, Shujinowski-sama! Keep going the project, good luck with it. Sending my best regards in the name of all DB fans from Hungary! πŸ™‚
    PS.: Are you planning to do also the DBGT R2J DVD Dragon Box edition besides DBKai after the Z series is finished?

  46. Raging Blast 2 no, DBK maybe.

  47. Thanks your fantastic releases!
    Will you be doing the Raging Blast 2 Special, and Dragon Ball Kai too?

  48. Thank you! Please keep this up!

  49. Can I please get a seed for these?

  50. Your release of the Dragon Ball series is one of the best releases, official or unofficial. I really appreciate all of your hard work bringing this series to us! The only release that’s on par with these is the Japanese Dragon Box sets, which would cost around $4000 if I recall correctly, and then one would still need to subtitle them.

    Thank you for all of your work, please keep up the motivation, and I hope you continue on with GT afterwards!

  51. I’m very happy that you updated the project. Thanks a lot and keep going.

  52. Thank you!

    Please keep this project ongoing!

  53. Next part is almost done.

  54. Really happy that this is still ongoing!

    Any updates on the project my friend?


    Ryan Wickman, not exactly, but something like that.


  57. If you’re still around to answer questions, how did you crop the overscan? 8 pixels on the left and right, and then resize to 720×480?

  58. Friend will you be uploading anymore episodes?

  59. Any update on your technical problem, Shujin?

  60. Are you still alive ??

  61. Expect you will release the rest soon. Thx

  62. Will you also release DBGT Dragon box ?

  63. Shujin! Your’e the man!

    i’m really wating for the rest of the series to be released by you, really, i’m checking every day.

  64. I really with you’ll continue to release them

  65. @Stephen The Japanese Singles and the Japanese Dragon Boxes are exactly the same footage. The US Dragon Boxes are the same too but feature a slightly lower bitrate.

  66. Hey, these aren’t from the Japanese singles. They’re from the Dragon Boxes right? I’ve compared the video and they look exactly like the Dragon Boxes to me.

  67. I have to add, i’ve download several versions of DBZ, DVD, BD, dual, tri, tetra, penta audio, whathever, but this is the first time I find a release with the original source keeping the OP/ED with its credits and lyrics in japanese. And that’s exactly what I was looking for, so this is a gift from heaven.

  68. Please continue with this!! Your realeases are awesome!! I got all DB and now i’m following your DBZ, please continue doing them!!

  69. I would like to thank those involved in this project Dragon Ball Z.
    The quality of the episodes is PERFECT.
    The least I can do is thank you and stand seed to cooperating with more friends.

    Thank you very much.

  70. What is the font used in the subtitles?

  71. AMAZING!

    the original release!

    thank you so much, keep them coming!

  72. Maybe next month. I have a technical problem.

  73. Any updates soon my friend?

  74. ionutbigiu

    Is there a chance you will continue this project to 291th episode

  75. sry i just noticed you HAVE already replaced the episode.
    many thanks.

  76. 1st of all many thanks for the great quality releases. I just bought an extra ext hdd to
    be able to store them^^. a question though:
    Could you please do a v2 of DBZ episode 24 because of the interlacing?

  77. hi Shujin,
    Why are the episodes encoded at such a higher bitrate than the movies? Do the movies somehow contain less grain than the episodes? I’m seeing ~3000 kbps for the movies and ~7000-8000 for the episodes.

  78. Funimation Dragon Box.

  79. Shujin, these subtitles were extracted from the Funimation Dragon Box Z or are a previous release?

  80. Dragon Baller

    Are You Willing To Do Naruto series.because yellowflash is doing it too
    i have some more gigas to download
    1-if you want to do it i will wait for your release
    2- if you dont want to do it i will download them from the first to the latest episodes yellowflash is doing

  81. Any chance you can drop textless OP/EDs and some other extra tidbits into one of these updates? You dropped the safety specials in one of the DB ones which was great. Awesome encode, by the way!

  82. Any updates soon?

  83. You are using the Dragon Boxes, yes?

  84. R2. And yes, I do.

  85. Shujin, are you ripping the episodes from the R1 or R2 Dragon Boxes? Also, do you have any plans to rip the OVA after everything is uploaded? Thank you so much for doing this.

  86. I make my own with notepad. Nothing fancy.

  87. Thanks shujin, can you tell me which software do you use to extract chapter files from DVD? i use DVD decrypter generated files, but when i mux a vob file to mkv, the chapters appears with some delay…

  88. thank you very much for the episodes until episode 72 n_n

  89. Maybe tomorrow.

  90. Anymore coming soon?

  91. Dragon Baller

    I expect that Shujin-senpai have the 2003 Japanese Dragon Boxes, because the 2005 release does not have the 2 specials [bardock-trunks],they are just come with 2003 release,but i do not know why are you saying that you have VHS Quality OVA,it comes with DRAGON BOX DVDs

  92. @HK – Yeah, they’re mostly similar. Shujin’s rips have a fraction more macroblocking in darker scenes but that’s to be expected. You won’t actively notice it if you’re sitting further away from your TV but it’s something that may be a problem if you have a large TV and sit relatively close to it.

    Given that DBZ is mostly set in the day, you’re not likely to have any problems. The majority of the grain is in tact too so I wouldn’t worry too much.

  93. >any plan on upload your episodes to ddl?

  94. Hi again shujin, seems like the ep 24 has a problem of interlaced frames, hope you can re-encode with another deinterlace filter.

    any plan on upload your episodes to ddl?

  95. Hi AjayLikesGaming, I can’t answer your question but how does your lossless rip compare to Shujin’s? Is it similar?

    I think his work is excellent and worth everything MB of space.

  96. So are you compressing the video in any way? I noticed your movie rips were half the size of my lossless rips from my own Dragon Box movies set.

  97. Thanks! Please don’t feel that I’m rushing you but its been a month since the last DBZ batch, are these still being worked on? Your releases are the best!

  98. Official subs from Funimation.

  99. Hi, all your releases comes with English subs, but it never says where it comes from? Are they the official subs from the discs or are they from other groups like DBNL?

  100. Dragon Baller


  101. You need to compare the same frame. Stop posting stupid comments.

    http://i.imgur.com/IaWaT6m.png There you go.

  102. Dragon Baller

    PlZ Man Tell Me I Am Confused
    In your Screen shot

    gohan hands arent appearing in the photo but in dbnl version his hand and fingers are visible,PLZ Man I LOVE Your Releases But No One Loves Croped Anime
    Why You Too Are Dragon Box Z ,Put He Has More Details In The Photo Corners

  103. Source is Dragon Box. Video is anamorphic, so display resolution is 720×540.

  104. Dragon Baller

    I Compared One Of The Screenshots You Uploaded To DBNL Dragon Box Z ,
    And Your Screenshot was Croped From The 4 Sides Comparing To IT Please Help
    Does Your Screenshot Reflexes The Ratio You Have
    I Was Surprised When Your Screen Shot Is 720*480
    DBNL was 640*480 Although Its Have More Cell Details

  105. Dragon Baller

    Please Man Tell Me The Source<Is This Dragon Box Z Release Or Old DVDS

    P.S:God Bless you If This Is Dragon Box Z I Will Download It Instead Of DBNL Version


  106. Maybe. I don’t know yet. It’s possible. Definitely not now or near future.

  107. OtakuHeretic

    Complete, I mean. No one has even gone beyond episode 51 and only the first 12 episodes have been released with English subs.

  108. OtakuHeretic

    Nice of you to provide Toriyama-sensei’s greatest work of art in the best quality available. Thanks a lot! Are you planning on perhaps touching Dr. Slump someday? There is apparently no one on the Internet that has that anime, not even in RAW format.

  109. Unfortunately, old OVA looks bad and I can’t help it. It’s VHS quality. There is nothing I can do. I don’t know when I’ll release this OVA (new and old).

  110. sorry shujin, someone moved the aspect ratio config in my player (potplayer), release is perfectly fine like all the 153 DB episodes.

    You will release soon the DBZ OVA plan to erradicate the saiyans? the original and remake (the one that comes with the episode of bardock DVD)? i waiting these to burn the BD-R containing all the Movies, OVAs and Specials πŸ™‚

    I have the R2J dvd for the original OVA but the quality in this one sucks, hope you can make a good rip.

  111. had-z, it depends which codecs are you using. It can show you something different. I set proper ratio. Anyway it does not affect the quality. The video is anamorphic (720×480 -> 720×540).

  112. Thanks Shujin πŸ˜€ !!

  113. Seems like you forgot to set the aspect ratio on muxing (at least on episode 001), no big deal just for the record,,,

  114. Awesome!! thanks so much

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